Professor: Dr. Shigeru Fujimura


  • Apr.1979 - Mar.1983: Department of Electrical Engineering, Science and Engineering, Waseda University
  • Apr.1983 - Mar.1985: Master's course of Major in Electrical Engineering, Science and Engineering, Waseda University
  • Mar.1995: Dr. Engineering (Waseda University)

Work Experience

  • April.1985 - Mar.2003 Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  • Oct.2000 - Mar.2003 System Plaza Inc.(Subsidiary of Yokogawa)
  • April.2003 - Mar.2008 Associate Professor of Waseda University, Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems
  • April.2008- Professor of Waseda University, Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems


  • Software Engineering, Object Oriented Modeling
  • Production Management, Planning and Scheduling

Assistant Professor: Dr. Wei Weng

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Doctor Course Students

Doctor Course Students

OKADA, Ikutarou

Master Course Students

Master Course Students


KIM, Hyun Soo
LAN, Gaotang
WU, Ruixue
CHEN, Junru
YANG, Wenbai
YE, Xiongfei
LI, Haoming
DING, Horan


BAI, Man

September 2012

Graduates in September 2012

  • WEI, Xin
  • Study on Quantum-Inspired Optimization Approaches
  • for Flow Shop Scheduling Problems

September 2011

Graduates in September 2011

  • WENG, Wei
  • A Multi-Agent Scheduling System for Just-In-Time Production
  • ■ ZHANG, Wenqiang
  • Research on Scheduling Problems in Machining and Assembly Processes using Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms

September 2014

Graduates in September 2014

  • PENG, Xi
  • An estimation of distribution algorithm for minimizing the total flowtime in a constraint flowshop scheduling problems
  • ■ XU, Fangfang
  • Energy-Efficient Scheduling for Flexible Flow Shops by Using MIP

March 2014

Graduates in March 2014

  • KONO, Hiroshi
  • A study of rescheduling method for a nurse scheduling problem
  • ■ SUGAMATA, Tomomichi
  • Problem Analysis by Information Collection of Production Sites
  • ■ CAO, Huiyan
  • A hybrid architecture with memories for solving flexible job-shop scheduling problems

September 2013

Graduates in September 2013

  • GAO, Song
  • Simulation and optimization via genetic algorithm for semiconductor manufacturing process with complicated Operations
  • ■ SHEN, Tong-Han
  • Dynamic tabu algorithm for nurse schedule problem
  • ■ CHEN, Cheng
  • Job Shop Scheduling with MILP & Bottleneck based Multi-agent Method

March 2013

Graduates in March 2013

  • QIU, Wenqi
  • A Study on Maintenance-constrained Production Scheduling
  • ■ SHAN, Qicong
  • A Hybrid Quantum-Inspired Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
  • ■ WAN, Shan
  • Study on Multi-stage Tabu Search for Job Shop Scheduling Problem
  • ■ HUANG, I-Hsuan
  • A Fuzzy-based Multilevel Genetic Algorithm for Reentrant Flow Shop Scheduling Problem

September 2012

Graduates in September 2012

  • SEO, JungMin
  • A Study on Performance Improvement of R-B AATP
  • ■ SEO, ChulEun
  • Nurse scheduling problem with respect to circumstances
  • ■ SUN, Yi
  • Multi-objective Optimization Approach with Job-based Encoding Method for Semiconductor Final Testing Scheduling Problem
  • ■ WANG, Hsin I
  • Scheduling for two-stage hybrid flow shops with non-identical parallel machines in semiconductor manufacturing

March 2012

Graduates in March 2012

  • CHOU, JunHung
  • Multi-phase heuristic-based nurse scheduling
  • ■ CHO, SungOh
  • Hybrid genetic algorithm for solving multi-depot vehicle routing problem
  • TAKAHASHI, Kouji
  • Performance Improvement of Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling
  • ■ ZHANG, Dongzhe
  • A Multilevel Evolutionary Algorithm for Large Size Reentrant Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
  • Business Process Modeling for Production Scheduling
  • ■ MORIMOTO, Yoshifumi
  • A Production Scheduling System for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • ■ CHEN, Gang
  • An Effective Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Local Search for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem

September 2011

Graduates in September 2011

  • LI, Jiang
  • A vehicle damage diagnosis and repair estimate system
  • ■ Liu, Yiqing
  • Hybrid Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm for Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
  • ■ Ungomporn Nattapong
  • A Study on Scheduling of Non-identical Parallel Machines under Due Date Constraints

March 2011

Graduates in March 2011

  • SON, JinKu
  • Development Approach for Production Scheduling System using Business Process Modeling
  • ■ KODAMA, Jun
  • Manufacturing Process Improvement with Visualization of Schedule Information
  • ■ FUKUI, Atsushi
  • Study of streamlined production system for MONOZUKURI
  • ■ HSIAO, ChanLong
  • Nurse scheduling with respect to circumstances
  • ■ KAN, JuYeol
  • Scheduling Adjustment Function for Autonomous Distributed Production System
  • ■ YANG, HongYu
  • Critical Path improvement of Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Mode
  • Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
  • ■ SUN, Chengxia
  • NSGA-II with local search algorithm for multiobjective permutation flowshop problem

September 2010

Graduates in September 2010

  • WEI, Wei
  • A hybrid local search approach in solving the mirrored traveling tournament problem
  • ■ DING, ChenHua
  • Time-Cost Trade-off Problem under Uncertainty Incorporating Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Sets Theory
  • ■ ZHANG, Xiaofu
  • Study on Multi-Mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
  • ■ ZHANG, Ran
  • Simulation of Multi-load AGV System Based on JIT Production
  • ■ KIM, Byungki
  • Stochastic Evolutionary Algorithm to Solve Fixed Charge Transportation Problems
  • ■ Liu, Cui
  • Arriving Time Control Algorithm for Dynamic Flexible Flow Shop Problem

March 2010

Graduates in March 2010

  • HUANG, Jiajun
  • Rule Extraction Of Setup Time For Production Scheduling System
  • ■ IHARA, Ken-ichi
  • Verification of Production Scheduling Approach using Inductive Learning 
  • ■ LIN, Guanyu
  • An Efficient Optimization Approach for Re-Entrant Flow Shop Problems by Using GA
  • ■ SHIN, Jinwook
  • Schedule Adjustment Approach based on Due Date for Reactive Scheduling
  • ■ YASUTAKE, Yuuta
  • Optimization Approach for Work Load Leveling Of Mixed-model Assembly Lines
  • ■ YOKOBORI, Satoshi
  • Useful Metrics Data for Selecting Business Partner of Software Development

September 2009

Graduates in September 2009

  • ■ XING, Dewei
  • Study on Hybrid Neighborhood Structure for Job Shop Scheduling Problem
  • ■ XU, Yanyan
  • Optimization for Batch Configuration and Sequencing with Set-up Time

March 2009

Graduates in March 2009

  • ■ YAMADA, Kazuhisa
  • A Study on resource leveling under uncertain processing time
  • ■ JIN, Yiyong
  • Production Planning corresponding to Dynamic Changes of Staffing and Requirement
  • ■ SOU, Jizen
  • A study on dynamic vehicle routing problem with split delivery
  • ■ TAN, Sicong
  • Solving Worker Allocation Problem for Manual Labor Production
  • ■ CHEN, Tzuhua
  • The R-B Advanced Available-to-Promise Model for Multi-Product
  • ■ MORIUCHI, Satoshi
  • Learning Mechanism for Production Setup Time through User Manipulation on Scheduling System
  • ■ WU, Hong-Chun
  • Resource Allocation for the Integrated Circuit Final Testing Industry Capacity Planning Based on De Novo Programming

September 2008

Graduates in September 2008

  • ■ WENG, Wei
  • Self Evolution Algorithm to Minimize Earliness and Tardiness Penalties with a Commom Due Date on a Single-Machine
  • ■ YAN, Xiaomeng
  • Optimization Approach for Sequencing Problem with Workload leveling in Mixed Model Assembly Line
  • ■ JUNG, Rueibin
  • Combinative method using simulated annealing and tabu search for solving resource leveling problem
  • ■ HUANG, Yuyan
  • A Study On Personnel Load Leveling Of LED Manufacturing Post-process
  • ■ YAO, Zheng
  • Using Decomposition Method and New Neighborhood Structure for Job Shop Scheduling Problem
  • ■ WEI, Xin
  • Improved Variable Neighborhood Search For Job Shop Problem
  • LUAN, Shaoyong
  • Production Scheduling Optimization by GA using NEH Concept

March 2008

Graduates in March 2008

  • GU, Ping
  • Dynamic Local Focusing Approach for Job Shop Scheduling Problems
  • ■ SHIBATA, Tomoki
  • Utilization of Scheduling Information Acquired Through User Manipulation on Production Scheduling System
  • ■ MURAYAMA, Takashi
  • Efficient Optimization Solution for Production Sequencing Problems of Mixed Model Assembly Line
  • ■ ISHIBASHI, Koji
  • A Study of the Production Scheduling under Uncertainty
  • ■ WU, Chiuhui
  • Evaluation of Real-Time Oriented Batch Advanced vailable-to-promise

September 2007

Graduates in September 2007

  • Enrique Valerio
  • Optimal Approach for an Effective Customer Order Synchronization Using CSCW Principles

March 2007

Graduates in March 2007

  • ■ GUO, Wei
  • Ant Colony System in The Routing Optimization for Physical Distribution
  • ■ KIM, Hyun Seung
  • A Sequencing Problem of Minimizing the Total Utility Work Time in Mixed Model Assembly Line
  • ■ TAKAMASU, Koichiro
  • Scheduling Adjustment Function for Autonomous Distributed Scheduling System
  • ■ ZHANG, Xue Rui
  • Generalization of Scheduling Information acquired through User Manipulation
  • ■ LI, Xue Ting
  • Study on a Production Sequencing Problem for an Assembly Line with Line Stops Based on Goal Chasing Approach
  • ■ LU, Yang
  • A Production Scheduling Approach using an Inductive Learning
  • ■ LOU, Ya Jie
  • An Efficient Decomposition Approach for Production Scheduling Problems Focused on the Longest Active Chain
  • ■ CHO, Sung Chul
  • Autonomous Distributed Scheduling Adjustment Function considering Set-Up Times with Optimum Moving Method

September 2006

Graduates in September 2006

  • ■ KIM, Tae Rok
  • Project Management for Effective Use of Slack Time
  • ■ XUE, hai
  • Self-Constructing Production Scheduling System
  • ■ ZHANG, Danxia
  • An Efficient Approach for Negotiation Using Due Date in a Supply Chain Network

March 2006

Graduates in March 2006

  • ■ SHIMIZU, Yasuhiro
  • Gantt Chart System for Analysis of Production Scheduling Work
  • ■ LEE, SunJue
  • Evaluating Learning Style as a Factor for Adaptation Interface in Mobile Device

September 2005

Graduates in September 2005

  • ■ ZHANG, Jingjing
  • Project Schedule Management Method for Agile Software Development

March 2005

Graduates in March 2005

  • ■ SHIGECHI, Junsuke
  • Construction Method of Global SCM with Providing Production Capability Information
  • ■ PARK, Soon Young
  • Automatic Buffer Size Setting Method for DBR Scheduling
  • ■ WOO, Ki Yun
  • Real-time Buffer Management for DBR Scheduling